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More accurate than laser scanners, white light, and other types of non-contact 3D scanners, ATOS 3D scanners employ a blue light that enables the fast capture of millions of precise XYZ coordinate points in each scan. These modernized metrology solutions are faster and easier to use than many traditional metrology solutions and produce clear data with very little noise or texture.

GOM Software allows you to visualize the resulting measurement data with 3D color maps, making it easy to detect problematic areas. Unlike traditional measurement technologies that only collect a few data points, ATOS 3D scanners collect full-field measurement data, accelerating workflows and minimizing costs.

By making 3D scanning workflows more efficient, ATOS blue light 3D scanners prevent backlogs and help teams focus on the most important aspects of their projects. Beyond accelerating the data acquisition process, GOM 3D scanners also provide visual data that facilitates meaningful inspection and analysis. In this piece, we’ll dive into some of the features and specifications to pay attention to when evaluating blue light scanning solutions and discuss some common applications for the technology.

Blue Light Technology

Filtering out ambient light during the 3D scanning process results in clear, high-quality data. ATOS works as a digitizer that rapidly collects millions of XYZ coordinate points in each quick scan, including critical details such as holes, edges, and radii. 

ATOS Sensors

ATOS blue light scanners are self-monitoring systems that detect changes in outside conditions and offset inconsistencies that may occur during data acquisition. As a completely self-monitoring system, ATOS ensures safe processes through fiber optics and intelligent sensor communication.

High Resolution

ATOS technology is engineered to adapt during scanning so it can gather measurements from something as small as 38mm to something as large as 2m. When paired with TRITOP, the ATOS 3D scanner can read measurements even larger — over 30m with the same precision and high-quality resolution as a smaller product. Regardless of the setup, ATOS always efficiently collects high-resolution data.


ATOS blue light 3D scanners are compatible with the most advanced 3D inspection software on the market— GOM Software. The comprehensive software package known as GOM Inspect Suite offers several tools to enhance the inspection, analysis and overall digital engineering experience for nearly every kind of application without ever leaving the software. 

Blue Light 3D Scanning for the Medical Industry 

Creating materials like prosthetics, implants and molds for medical purposes requires customization. GOM blue light scanners quickly collect accurate data that enables low-cost customization of such individualized medical devices. Traditional types of measurement devices aren't as effective as ATOS 3D scanners because they typically need to touch the part to take measurements, and the human body is comprised of many organic shapes that would be difficult to capture with a few preprogrammed data points. Since ATOS 3D scanners are a non-contact method of collecting full-field data, they make designing and producing medical devices easy.

Blue Light 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

Blue light 3D scanners enable fast and efficient reverse engineering by using 3D measurement data from a physical object to create a 3D CAD model. Generally, legacy parts are described within two-dimensional drawings, which can present problematic limitations in the world of digital engineering. Accurate 3D scanners bridge this gap by delivering a 3D CAD model made of scan data taken directly from the physical part. The 3D scanner scans the part and the data makes it possible to reproduce the legacy part, develop new molds, tooling, or new parts with the same dimensional characteristics as the original. Quality 3D scan data with a watertight mesh can also be used to 3D print a duplicate of the original and improves efficiency in the reverse engineering process.

Blue Light 3D Scanning for Aerospace

The world of aerospace and aircraft production benefits from blue light 3D scanning as well. Whether it’s for commercial, defense, or space industries, accelerating the manufacturing process and archiving accurate 3D scan data for faster reproduction that still meets safety regulations saves in labor and cost. Blue light 3D scanners quickly scan critical aerospace components such as blades, engines, or stators. Archiving the resulting scan data for use during future iterations or production runs saves time. The 3D measurement data also supports CAD model creation and allows for more accurate Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analyses. Blue light 3D scanning is complex and provides high-quality measurements that expose problem areas to easily detect errors.

Blue Light 3D Scanning for Injection Molding

ATOS 3D scanners optimize plastic and injection mold manufacturing processes, including prototyping, tooling, inspection, analysis, mold testing and more. During the tool-building process, you can save up to 50 percent of the time you would normally spend on data analysis and re-scanning various iterations. The scan data allows you to monitor and understand trends in the process. The digital assembly of scanned components allows you to visually compare scanned parts with CAD models, enabling the assessment of assembly, form, fit and finish issues. If your non-contact ATOS blue light scanner can’t reach certain deep cavities or hidden features, a touch probe inspection add-on is a simple and effective solution.

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