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Optical 3D coordinate measuring technology from GOM is used for quality assurance in design and tool-making departments, press shops, car body shops and close to production lines in nearly all BMW plants worldwide.   For example the press shop at BMW's Dingolfing plant relies on optical metrology systems, including automation and standardization for inspection of sheet-metal components.  3D coordinate measuring technology is offering here, high time-saving potential as sensor, automation and inspection software all come from a single-source provider. Besides the automated measurement processes that have been continuously developed in close collaboration between BMW and GOM, another positive aspect of all the GOM optical metrology systems in use at BMW is high transparency.

AS the free GOM Inspect Software operates on hundreds of computers throughout the group and, in addition, resides on BMW’s internal network server – along with 28,000 completed metrology projects. This information can be accessed by all colleagues and departments involved, saving significant time in component evaluation discussions. This way 3D data is archived rather than storing the physical components.  The collaborative relationship between BMW and the GOM automation team has proved highly successful – not only the Dingolfing workers value the professional support they receive with sensor, automation and data evaluation from a single source partner.

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