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The group-wide rollout of the GOM Inspect software is due to start soon at the pilot plants in Oelde and Bünde, before it will be implemented at Miele´s locations in GermanyIn the run-up to the rollout, the software has already been scripted by the IT department. It will be made available to individual PCs via the company's central server. During installation, staff at Miele will be trained in the use of the software.

One reason for deploying the GOM Inspect software throughout the corporate group is the possibility to centralize software management. This ensures that the latest software version is always installed on all PCs, guaranteeing a smooth exchange of data between different locations. All employees can view and edit the evaluations whenever they need to. Another reason is the software's universal applicability.

One typical area of application for GOM Inspect software is technical coordination. These coordination meetings are attended by quality managers, designers, buyers and manufacturers (internal or external). Parts or tools are initially assessed on the basis of false color display resulting from a comparison at CAD data as a image says more than 1,000 figures. Other evaluation which are consulted at these meetings, include cross-sections, material thicknesses and trend analyses.

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