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In 2007 we purchased the Capture 3D ATOS I SO system, and since then it has virtually paid for itself and improved several aspects of our business. Due to the ease of use, we have trained many employees to utilize the equipment. Therefore, we have eliminated our previous CMM scheduling and employee specialization requirements for root cause analysis and dimensional inspection. As a result, the time to obtain data reduced from 4 to 6 weeks to less than 2 to 3 days.

It has also helped us reduce our time to PPAP approval for many of our components. Prior to implementing the ATOS system into our business, there was a lot of time wasted in identifying tooling discrepancies and validating the corrections prior to PPAP. With the ATOS system, however, we are able to quickly highlight problems in our tools and correct them accordingly. In fact, the number in times we needed to measure a given part prior to PPAP decreased from 4 times to 2 times because of the speed and accuracy with which we are able to analyze and fix our tools.

Another area in which the ATOS system has benefitted our business is in the improvement of our designs and processes. We not only use it to dimensionally validate our parts, but we have also used it to validate our Mold Flow predictions. The system has allowed us the ability to more accurately highlight differences between our predictions and our actual parts. As a result, our predictions have grown more accurate, allowing us to better execute any future products.

Finally, any time there have been questions or concerns with our ATOS system, Capture 3D's support network has been able to help. Whether we needed clarification on how to perform a certain function or help with a software issue, their support was able to provide solutions.

All in all, I would recommend the ATOS system to any business looking to improve the time it takes to verify their parts and their designs.

APQP Quality Engineer


Samvardhana Motherson Relectec Company

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