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Meet GOM ScanCobot - Automated, Mobile, and Affordable

Recorded on Thursday, March 25th, 2021

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 Now is your chance to experience the GOM ScanCobot— an affordable, easy-to-use automated mobile workstation. Configurable with ATOS Q or ATOS Core, the GOM ScanCobot delivers high-precision 3D measurement results with unmatched ATOS quality. But don't take our word for it, come and see it for yourself! Watch the replay of the exciting launch of this metrology-grade automation solution.


Watch this product launch event to see:

  • GOM ScanCobot's versatile applications
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Easy and fast programming for a rapid start-up
  • An interview with Capture 3D's Launch Success and Automation Manager


Tech Specs

Get to know the GOM ScanCobot up close and personal as our engineers explain important features and components from the inside out. Learn about the technology that gives the GOM ScanCobot the power to support various product development, rapid prototyping, and dimensional inspection applications for additive, casting and forging, injection molding and plastics, and metal forming industries.


What makes the GOM ScanCobot so unique?


3D Digitalization with High AccuracyCollaborative robot for 3D scanning

GOM ScanCobot naturally integrates with ATOS technology for high accuracy and detailed resolution, and each ATOS measuring volume is VDI/VDE certified. Learn how ATOS data is critical throughout your product's lifecycle to unlock digital twin strategies for Quality 4.0.


Automation at an Affordable Price

GOM ScanCobot comes with the GOM Software Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) add-on module that enables offline and online automated part programming. See exactly how smoothly it works with the GOM ScanCobot.



GOM ScanCobot with ATOS Core

GOM ScanCobot excels in the measurement of small to medium-sized objects. From simple geometries to complex free-form surfaces, the selection of various-sized measuring volumes allows you to capture and accurately measure intricate features.



Bring the GOM ScanCobot wherever you need 3D scanning. It's designed for optimal portability with the modern need for mobility in mind, from the ease of packing the system to its simple shipping and fast setup.



Ease of Use & Safety

GOM VMR with ScanCobot

From scanning to inspection and reporting, we demonstrate how the GOM ScanCobot makes automation easy while ensuring safety in every stage of the process. See our experts use the software and technology to achieve quick digitization of parts in every successful inspection.


Get an Expert Opinion

Listen to Capture 3D's automation expert reveal why the GOM ScanCobot is a gamechanger for automated inspections. He explains how the ScanCobot is a gateway into automation for companies wanting the benefits of automated measurement for increased throughput and repeatability but perhaps have a lower volume of inspection requirements. He also discusses how the technology can help companies tap Quality 4.0 strategies now, providing a full digital twin of their part with each efficient, automated inspection.


Live Chat and Q&A session

Audience members engaged with live Capture 3D team members throughout the event, expressing excitement about the GOM ScanCobot. The event ended with a live Q&A session full of questions about automation, ATOS 3D scanners, and more.


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