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 3D Scanning for the Additive Manufacturing Industry


Solving Additive Manufacturing Challenges with Advanced 3D Scanning Technologies

Providing a single source of truth for 3D printing strategies
Broadcast on: Thursday, July 15, 2021

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There’s a reason many industries are rapidly developing their additive manufacturing capabilities within their digital transformation strategies— it helps them make better parts faster while optimizing processes and keeping costs down. From aerospace, automotive, consumer goods to medical, companies use 3D printing to increase production efficiencies, deliver greater customization and achieve an overall shorter time-to-market. However, these valuable benefits aren’t attainable without 3D scanning.


In this episode of our webinar series, our experts reveal how advanced 3D scanning technologies directly resolve the challenges present with industrial 3D printing applications, including transitioning additive manufacturing from a low volume to high volume production, increasing part complexity, and maintaining flexibility when scaling a project to meet the industry’s growing requirements. Our experts discuss the latest innovative technologies to develop strong digital manufacturing strategies that support additive manufacturing.


Experience technology demonstrations that provide an in-depth look at the 3D measurement and inspection process for additive manufacturers, including: 


  • How 3D scanning is used throughout the additive manufacturing stages, from design, 3D printing, post-processing to the final part

  • Digital engineering strategies using PMI/MBD integration to streamline the manufacturing workflow

  • Verifying complex and free-form shapes for dimensional verification, including GD&T analysis, material thickness, and much more

  • Near-net shape optimization using warpage and shrinkage compensation to create an accurate model for 3D printing

  • Trend analysis for low and high-volume inspection requirements along with 3D printer calibration using 3D scanning technologies



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