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08 Nov 2022



CAPTURE 3D Completes its ScanBox Tech-Knowledge Day Event Series with More Than 150 Registrations

Santa Ana, Calif. US 08 November 2022 - CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS Company, successfully presented Digital Transformation of Production Control with ScanBox— an in-person event series hosted in four CAPTURE 3D locations across the country. More than 150 manufacturing and engineering professionals registered to learn about the latest automated 3D metrology technologies, hear real-world use cases from industry-leading companies, and network with other professionals to exchange experiences, ideas and solutions.Joe Gibbs Racing at ScanBox Tech Day 10/13/2022 Event in North Carolina with guest speakers from BMW, Duke Energy, and Joe Gibbs Racing.

At each event, CAPTURE 3D's metrology experts discussed and demonstrated how ScanBox technology improves throughput and productivity while digitally transforming production processes with meaningful data intelligence. Presentations from CAPTURE 3D's engineers explained how GOM's virtual measuring room (VMR) powers ScanBox technology with digitized planning, simulation and execution of automatic measuring processes. Those new to precision blue light 3D scanning for automated production inspection applications discovered how to implement these solutions to modernize their processes, engaging with the technology and application experts at live demo stations.

Event Series at a Glimpse:

October 13th Guest Speakers in North Carolina

  • BMW | Improving Analysis using Digital Assembly and Automated ScanBox 3D Metrology Technology
  • Duke Energy | Increasing Inspection Efficiency of Combustion Turbine Blades using Automated ScanBox 3D Metrology Technology
  • Joe Gibbs Racing | ScanBox Benefits Over Portable Arm CMMs

October 27th Guest Speakers in Michigan

  • ADAC Automotive | Taking Automation to the Next Level with Scripting Techniques for ScanBox Customization
  • GE Appliances | Digital Transformation for Production Control - Making It Fast, Accurate, and Actionable

November 3rd Guest Speakers in Connecticut

  • Delta TechOps | Transforming Turbine Engine Performance with Scanbox at Delta TechOps
  • Hitchiner Manufacturing | Leveraging ScanBox Technology to Decrease Cycle Times and Increase Throughput in the Investment Casting Process

November 8th Guest Speakers in California

  • General Atomics | Manufacturing Collaboration with ScanBox Technology 
  • PCC Structurals | Improving Automated Inspection for Robust and Repeatable Results with ScanBox Technology
  • Rolls-Royce | Utilizing ScanBox Technology for Process Improvement of High-Temperature Composite Seal Segments

The series kicked off in CAPTURE 3D's North Carolina office with guest speakers from BMW, Duke Energy and Joe Gibbs Racing. BMW explained how it uses digital assembly analysis, a digital twin application driven by 3D metrology data, to improve its processes. Duke Energy told attendees how to leverage ScanBox technology and advanced metrology software to increase the inspection efficiency of combustion turbine blades. The day concluded with a ADAC Automotive at ScanBox Tech Day 10/27/2022 Event in Michigan with guest speakers from ADAC Automotive and GE Appliances, a Haier benchmark discussion from Joe Gibbes Racing, demonstrating why it is replacing its portable arm CMM with ScanBox automated 3D metrology technology in many processes.

CAPTURE 3D's Michigan office hosted the following event with guest presenters from ADAC Automotive and GE Appliances, a Haier Company. ADAC Automotive shared its journey to scanning more than 40,000 parts per year, while GE Appliances told the story of digitally transforming its legacy with accurate 3D metrology data. Attendees also received an exclusive in-person sneak peek at new advanced 3D scanning technologies.Delta TechOps at ScanBox Tech Day11/03/2022 Event in Connecticut with guest speakers from Delta TechOps and Hitchiner Manufacturing.

At the third event, CAPTURE 3D's Connetutict team welcomed several attendees, many of whom were from the aerospace industry. Delta TechOps discussed how implementing ScanBox technology provides insights to transform turbine engine performance. Hitchiner Manufacturing explained how leveraging this automated 3D metrology technology decreases cycle times and increases throughput.

Hosted at CAPTURE 3D's headquarters, the final event featured three guest speakers— PCC Structurals, Rolls Royce and General Atomics. Attendees enjoyed a deep dive into how PCC Structurals uses ScanBox technology to gain repeatable results. Rolls-Royce discussed improving its high-temperature composite seal processes, and General Atomics gave an overview of its automated 3D inspection process. These real-world stories ScanBox automated 3D scanning11/08/2022 Event in California with guest speakers from PCC Structurals, Rolls Royce and General Atomics.illustrated how to achieve efficient, production-related quality control with automated optical 3D metrology.

Attendees from all four events left with actionable insights for increasing part quality. By gaining knowledge of the latest user-friendly automated 3D metrology technology, attendees know the secret to accelerating processes, digitizing workflows, and ensuring quality for a more agile organization. In addition to providing a technology update, the events offered a networking opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and solutions to the challenges of modern production. CAPTURE 3D is honored to have hosted a series that reignited the manufacturing and engineering industry's sense of community, reconnecting old partnerships while cultivating new connections.

CAPTURE 3D, a ZEISS company, is the leading provider of innovative 3D measurement solutions in the United States, helping companies solve engineering challenges, save time, minimize costs, and improve their overall time to market strategy. As the official U.S. distributor for GOM GmbH/ZEISS USA, CAPTURE 3D combines vast industry expertise with robust technology to change the way people think about and experience measurement.


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