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06 Mar 2019


New Case Study

ADAC Automotive - Innovative Engineering with ATOS

March 6, 2019  - A new case study with ADAC Automotive has been published.  ADAC Automotive first opened its doors in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1975. Back then, the small company was known as ADAC Plastics. Today, ADAC Automotive is a tier-one automotive supplier that focuses on the production of vehicle entry systems, exterior and interior door handles, exterior trim and exterior mirrors for the global automotive market.  In 2014, ADAC decided to explore 3D metrology systems - "[Adopting the ATOS 3D scanners] has been quite the shift... The 3D scanner has evolved from being a tool used to help in certain situations to being used every day.” The numbers prove it. In 2014, ADAC scanned 378 parts. In 2017, that number jumped to over 8,000 parts.

Read the entire publication here.

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