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3D Printing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Information

Even during this pandemic, humans come together alongside technology to share ideas and help others.  As the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) quickly depletes nationwide, the health and safety of our healthcare workers, the patients they care for, their families, and our communities are at risk. Together, we can combine our efforts to make an impact so that we can return to living safe, healthy, and secure lives.


3D Printable Healthcare Face Shields/Visors

Capture 3D is using 3D printers to produce face shields/visors which were designed by Shawn Lim from Bot Camp along with Michael Garron from Toronto East General hospital.  Our 3D printers are running daily, and weekly shipments are donated to our local hospitals and care facilities throughout the country. Below, we’ve outlined the information needed to 3D print PPE, so others with the resources can also participate in the effort.  We want to thank Marjie Jenkins from our team (pictured) for providing the information from her FIRST Robotics Competition fellow mentor, Shawn Lim. Also, thank you to our team members involved in the production and shipping.  


3D Printing PPE


Required Items

- 3D printer 

STL file for visor

- Clear sheet protectors (3-hole punched)

- Latex-free rubber bands

To 3D print the pictured face shield/visor, this page provides the detailed information along with the STL file – click here.  It also includes a bill of materials and instructions regarding the material type, infill, shells, layer height, nozzle tip, and more.



Other PPE Designs – NIH 3D Print Exchange3D Printing PPE


The following are links to help you get involved:

We will continue to share additional information and resources needed to help the PPE shortage through 3D printing and manufacturing.

As a company, as community members, and as human beings, we are so thankful that during a time of need our society comes together to help one another.  We wish you and your family safety and wellness during this time.

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