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IMTS 2022 event in Chicago, ILWhat to Expect at IMTS 2022

After a four-year absence, IMTS is returning in person to McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois! IMTS 2022 will be a historical show full of new technology, new ideas, networking and fun. IMTS 2022 is among the world's largest manufacturing tradeshows, drawing in hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

From the IMTS Conference to exhibitor booths and more, IMTS 2022 offers so much to see and do.

But how do you know what to expect and how to spend your time? We put together some great IMTS 2022 highlights to help guide your time in Chicago.

Getting There

Center Campus Primary Entrance:

McCormick Place North and South Buildings
2301 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Chicago

McCormick Place West Building
2301 S. Indiana Ave, Chicago

McCormick Place Lakeside Center & Arie Crown Theater
2301 S. Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive, Chicago



CAPTURE 3D is announcing new technology and bringing several current 3D metrology solutions for you to see in person at IMTS 2022. Our expert metrology specialists will be onsite to provide you with live, on-the-spot technology demonstrations. We also have live presentations that will help you dive deeper into the world of accurate 3D scanning

What Technology can I Expect to See at IMTS 2022?

CAPTURE 3D is showing many different types of technology at IMTS 2022. These include:

ATOS Q: ATOS Q is a powerful portable high-resolution 3D scanner that collects precise, high-definition 3D data from various objects ranging from small to medium-sized parts across diverse industries. Featuring interchangeable measuring lenses for flexibility and a sleek, modern design for portability, ATOS Q is specifically developed for industrial use. See CAPTURE 3D's ATOS Q for yourself at IMTS 2022!

• GOM ScanCobot:  GOM ScanCobot is a mobile automated 3D scanning system that integrates with our blue light 3D scanners ATOS Q and ATOS Core for an easy entry into automated 3D scanning. Stop by our booth at IMTS 2022 to check it out for yourself.

• ZEISS T-SCAN hawk:  The ZEISS T-SCAN hawk is a lightweight handheld 3D scanner powered by pre-installed GOM Inspect software. This single solution features three scanning modes to take you from data acquisition to data analysis, quickly delivering high-quality 3D data for high-quality results. Come to our booth at IMTS 2022 to try it out for yourself!

• ATOS 5 Airfoil: ATOS 5 Airfoil is a high-resolution 3D scanner engineered for aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine industries, whether aerospace or ground-powered applications. By digitizing intricate airfoil edges and shapes, aerospace professionals can accurately inspect these components and their features quickly and easily. See ATOS 5 Airfoil at IMTS 2022!

• GOM Scan 1: GOM Scan 1 is a compact high-resolution 3D scanner engineered with industrial standards such as GOM fringe projection technology and Blue Light Technology. With features that deliver accurate 3D scan data quickly, GOM Scan 1 is ideal for reverse engineering, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, quality control, research, art, design and other applications involving small to medium-sized parts that must be captured in accurate detail. See this affordable 3D scanner in-person at IMTS 2022!

GOM Inspect Software: With countless features designed to improve inspection efficiency and increase digital engineering capabilities, GOM Inspect Software is an industry-standard. Come to our booth at IMTS 2022 to learn what it can do to improve your measurement and inspection processes. 
speaking at IMTS 2022

IMTS 2022 Presentations by CAPTURE 3D 

CAPTURE 3D is excited to bring two presentations to IMTS 2022. One is an official IMTS 2022 Conference presentation. The other will be given at the ZEISS booth, along with several other software-focused presentations by the GOM and ZEISS metrology teams. Read about CAPTURE 3D'S IMTS 2022 presentations below:

• Solving Additive Manufacturing Challenges with Advanced 3D Scanning:
As the industrialization of additive manufacturing continues to grow beyond prototype design and small-scale applications, many industries are increasingly using additive technologies to make better products at a lower cost, optimize their operations and supply chains, and explore new business models. However, additive technology adoption rates vary across industries, with rates highest in industries that produce high-value parts in low volumes, such as aerospace and medical, or where faster product development and customization are required, such as in the automotive and consumer goods industries. The challenges of adopting new technology are one reason for this discrepancy. While some of these challenges are common to all manufacturing practices, others are exacerbated due to the nature of 3D printing. For example, process control of intricate parts is always a challenge, but the complex free-form parts that 3D printing enables are much more difficult to control. Efficient production of injection molds using 3D printing and additive manufacturing in die casting often involve components with complex geometries. With these complications comes added time and money spent trying to improve and control processes. Non-rigid 3D measuring systems guarantee process reliability in quality control – from validation of the materials to a 3D scan and final evaluation using comprehensive inspection software. This session will focus on helping the IMTS audience solve the challenges of implementing and maintaining successful additive manufacturing processes, including quality control, scaling from low volume to high volume production, process verification and overcoming warpage issues.

Click here to register for this session at the IMTS 2022 Conference on Tuesday, September 13, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:55 a.m. 
Location: West Building - W192-A

• Automated Digitalization to Improve Efficiency and Increase Throughput with the VIrtual Measuring Room Software Module:  
Are you interested in automating your quality control processes but worry it's too complicated or time-consuming to set up? See how easy implementing automated 3D metrology into the modern production environment can be with the Virtual Measuring imts 2022Room (VMR) software module and a ScanBox automated 3D measuring cell. Build a digital twin of your environment to simulate the measurement process for fast, simple and safe online and offline programming. Achieve faster inspection times with high-resolution accurate full-field 3D data for increased productivity, higher throughput, and a faster time to market.

Don't miss this session at the ZEISS booth #135502 at 1:00 p.m. each day of IMTS 2022, Tuesday through Saturday!

Visit CAPTURE 3D at IMTS 2022

We would love to see you at IMTS 2022. Stop by booth #135527 to meet with our team, have a cup of coffee, and see the latest in accurate 3D scanning technology. Can't make it to IMTS 2022? Click here to schedule a demo, so you don't miss out on advanced 3D digitalization technologies! 

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