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02 May 2023

Are 3D Scanners Worth It?

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3D scanners are incredible metrology tools that unlock many capabilities. That's why there's a lot of hype around 3D scanners - but are 3D scanners worth it?


Are 3D Scanners Worth It?are 3d scanners worth it

Whether a 3D scanner is worth it depends on your specific needs and application. Here are some things to consider:

Application:  What do you plan to use the 3D scanner for? If you're an engineer, manufacturer, product developer, designer, artist, or other professional, a 3D scanner could be a valuable tool for quickly creating and prototyping 3D models. If you're a serious hobbyist or DIY enthusiast, a 3D scanner might be a fun tool for recreating objects or 3D scanning your surroundings.

Cost:  3D scanners can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. For industrial professionals, such as in the manufacturing or engineering sector, purchasing an accurate metrology-grade 3D scanner will deliver a considerable ROI. However, if you're a hobbyist who plans to use it for fun, consider your budget and how often you plan to use the 3D scanner. If you will only use it occasionally, it may not be worth the investment.

Data quality:  3D scanners vary in quality, with some producing more accurate and detailed data than others. Consider the level of detail, accuracy and precision required for your specific needs, then consider which 3D scanner is the right choice for reaching your goals.

Software:  Make sure the 3D scanner you choose comes with 3D scanning software and is compatible with other 3D metrology software. For example, you may need 3D inspection software, mesh editing capabilities, reverse engineering software, and other digital engineering features to help you do more with your accurate 3D measurement data.

For most professional applications, an accurate 3D scanner is worth the investment. For other applications, deciding whether a 3D scanner is worth it depends on your specific needs. If you need to create or prototype 3D models frequently and require high-quality 3D measurement data, an accurate 3D scanner could be a valuable investment. However, a metrology-grade 3D scanner will be more than you need if you're a hobbyist. Instead, consider a 3D scanning app to use with your cell phone. 

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