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27 Apr 2023

What Type of 3D Scanner Should I Buy?

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The type of 3D scanner you should buy depends on your specific application, needs, and goals. Read this to learn about what you need to know when choosing a 3D scanner.


What Type of 3D Scanner Should I Buy?3d scanners what to buy

The type of 3D scanner you should buy depends on your specific application, needs, and goals. Here are some things to consider when choosing a 3D scanner:

Accuracy:  For many industrial or professional applications, the accuracy of a 3D scanner is essential. Look for a metrology-grade 3D scanner with high accuracy, typically measured in microns.

Speed:  If you need to scan many parts, scanning speed will be critical. If you need to scan large objects quickly, then a scanner with a high scanning speed may be necessary. Consider automation if you need batch scanning for high-volume production.

Portability:  A portable scanner, such as a handheld 3D scanner, may be more suitable, especially if you plan to use the 3D scanner in different locations.

Cost:  3D scanners vary in price, but it's important not to compromise data quality by using a low-cost 3D scanner. Remember, there is a cost to poor quality.
Software: Make sure the 3D scanner comes with easy-to-use software that allows you to edit and manipulate the 3D scan data.

Application:  Consider the type of objects you want to scan, whether they are small or large, organic or geometric, opaque or transparent. Some 3D scanners are more suited for specific applications.

Here are some popular 3D scanners you could consider:

ATOS Q:  A portable scanner with high accuracy and fast scanning speed.

ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2: A lightweight handheld 3D laser scanner.

GOM Scan 1: A budget-friendly scanner that is easy to use and can capture small to medium-sized objects.

ATOS 5: A professional-grade scanner with high accuracy and speed, suitable for industrial applications.

ATOS 5 Airfoil: A metrology-grade 3D scanner engineered for the aerospace and gas turbine industries.

ATOS 5X:  A 3D scanner that utilizes an integrated Laser Light Compressor ideal for tool, press and body shops.

Ultimately, it's important to do your research and partner with a reliable 3D scanning company to determine which 3D scanner is best for you.  Click here to get in touch with a CAPTURE 3D expert and find the 3D scanner that's right for you!

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