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Digital Transformation of Production Control with ScanBox

Understand How High-tech ScanBox Automated 3D Metrology Technology Modernizes Production Inspection Applications

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This in-person event series discussed the challenges of modern production and explored how implementing the latest automated 3D metrology technology helps you overcome them. Attendees heard real customer stories demonstrating how different industries use automated 3D metrology to accelerate processes, digitize workflows, and ensure quality. Each event focused on demonstrating how ScanBox technology improves throughput and productivity while digitally transforming your production processes with meaningful data intelligence, helping make your team more agile. 

Event at a Glance:

October 13th Guest Speakers in North Carolina

  • BMW | Improving Analysis using Digital Assembly and Automated ScanBox 3D Metrology Technology
  • Duke Energy | Increasing Inspection Efficiency of Combustion Turbine Blades using Automated ScanBox 3D Metrology Technology
  • Joe Gibbs Racing | ScanBox Benefits Over Portable Arm CMMs

October 27th Guest Speakers in Michigan

  • ADAC Automotive | Taking Automation to the Next Level with Scripting Techniques for ScanBox Customization
  • GE Appliances | Digital Transformation for Production Control - Making It Fast, Accurate, and Actionable

November 3rd Guest Speakers in Connecticut

  • Delta TechOps | Transforming Turbine Engine Performance with Scanbox at Delta TechOps
  • Hitchiner Manufacturing | Leveraging ScanBox Technology to Decrease Cycle Times and Increase Throughput in the Investment Casting Process

November 8th Guest Speakers in California

  • General Atomics | Manufacturing Collaboration with ScanBox Technology 
  • PCC Structurals | Improving Automated Inspection for Robust and Repeatable Results with ScanBox Technology
  • Rolls-Royce | Utilizing ScanBox Technology for Process Improvement of High-Temperature Composite Seal Segments


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